Exped Down 9 Mattress: A good nights sleep on the rockiest and coldest of nights

Exped Down Mattresses. Photo courtesy of Exped.

If the Princess from the Princess and the Pea was a climber she’d have this mattress.  Rocks are no match for it’s thickness and the cold is no match for all of it’s down filling.  The Exped Down 9 mattress provides a fabulous nights sleep whether I’m snow camping, camping on rocky terrain or being quasi-civilized and car camping.  Weighing in at 2.18 lbs, it may not be the lightest mattress out there, but it definitely is the warmest; designed for -36 deg F temps with an R-value of 8.  For an expedition style mattress it’s pretty light, and packs down small.

The Exped Down 9 mattress is great for cold weather climbs where you don’t need to go ultralight, or expeditions, or even car camping.  The integrated pump mechanism is cleverly built into the mattress with a quick and easy two hand pump on the underside that let’s you pump up your mattress in a matter of minutes.  There is also an inflation valve that you can use to help self-inflate the mattress.  Just roll out the mat, open the self-inflation valve, leave for about half hour-45 minutes and the mattress will self-inflate about half way.  Then you can easily and quickly pump up the rest to your desired firmness.   The Exped Down 9 mattress has a separate deflation valve.  What’s nice about two separate valves and the way the inflation valve is designed, you don’t lose any of the air that you pumped into the mattress while pumping up the mattress.

I’ve found the Exped Down 9 to be a stellar mattress and helps me sleep like a baby while in the outdoors.  It’s quickly becoming my do-it-all mattress, except for my ultra-light and fast glacier climbs.  Though I know many people who do take up their Exped down mats since they are willing to carry the extra pound for a happy night’s sleep at 10,000 feet.

Click on this link for some interesting Exped videos about this mattress, including one where they roll a car over one of their inflated down mats and the mat survives intact: http://www.exped.com/exped/web/exped_homepage_na.nsf/b43popup3/2A9E7D03BE26A60DC125767E00705EAE?Opendocument

Link to Down 9 mattress on Exped site: http://www.exped.com/exped/web/exped_homepage_na.nsf


~ by Genevieve Hathaway on May 31, 2010.

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  1. […] of Exped’s DownMat 9 has been featured on Exped’s blog, Expedlife.com. Check it out: https://icebella.wordpress.com/2010/05/31/exped-down-9-mattress/ And thanks Exped!  Love your gear and love your fun […]

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