Enter to Win a UClimb Learn to Climb Class on RockClimberGirl.com

Loving what you’re seeing here and want to learn to climb?  Check out RockClimberGirl.com ‘s UClimb Learn to Climb Class prize giveaway!  It’s one way cool prize thanks to Sara Lingafelter (brains, heart, soul and badass climber behind rockclimbergirl.com) and Mountain Gear.

Participants learn the basics of climbing outdoors, stressing safety first and foremost. You will learn proper use of gear, voice commands, knot tying, and belaying, as well as climbing techniques and etiquette. These events are a fantastic way to try outdoor rock climbing, whether you’ve climbed before or not, and I’m so excited for the lucky winner!

The UClimb Learn to Climb Class is approximately a $199 value, and the dates the winner can choose from are:

Exit 38, North Bend, WA: July 10 – 11
Red River Gorge, KY: September 11 – 12
Joshua Tree, CA: October 2 – 3
Tucson, AZ: October 23 – 24

Full details and to enter to win click on this link: http://www.rockclimbergirl.com/2010/05/enter-to-win-uclimb-learn-to-climb.html

~ by Genevieve Hathaway on June 3, 2010.

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