Teko Evolution Light Low Merino Sock – Keep your feet happy and dancing all day through all the running, hiking, pavement pounding, walking, and traveling

Teko Evolution Light Low Women's Sock. Photo courtesy of Teko.

There are socks and then there are socks that keeping your feet singing, dancing, with a bounce in their step all day long through all the running, hiking, pavement pounding, walking, and traveling. Teko has nailed this. These berry colored socks are made from the richest, silkiest shea-butteresk organic merino. Teko has done a masterful job of weaving comfort and functionality. The Light Low Merino socks are soft as lambs wool, yet highly breathable to keep your feet dry in hot weather or during exercise. Slipping on these socks is like slipping on a second skin, soon you forget you even have them on.

Teko designed these socks with denser cushion in the heels and the ball of the footbed, providing impact absorption during running or exercising.  If you have to be on your feet all day or walking for long hours, the denser cushions provides tremendous comfort and keeps your feet feeling great, happy and able to continue working hard.  There is lighter cushioning on the arch for breathability and to maintain and nice, comfy shoe fit.  The toe is seamless.  There are specific comfort-stretch zones to keep the sock fitting just right and the y-heel construction creates a custom fit for every foot.

And Teko, as if I couldn’t adore them any more, designed their women’s socks with women in mind.  No uni-sex, fit-into-a-dudes-sock bunching or discomfort to deal with.   Teko has a great women’s line that is designed to fit us ladies’ more petite feet and ankles.  The narrower heel pocket and tampered toe make these socks fit like a charm.  Not to mention they know how we love colors and cute designs, creating socks in a wide variety of bright and fun colors – from della to lilac, to berries, to pinks, to teals, to purples, to blues and many shades in between.

Also in the Evolution Series are the Ultralight Micro, Ultralight Microcrew, Light Minicrew (more cushioning than it’s ultralight counterpart), Light Hiking (light cushioning), and Midweight Hiking (medium cushioning).

For more colors and details on the Light Low and other Evolution socks check out Teko’s website: http://www.tekosocks.com/gender/womens/tekomerinotm-women-s-low.html


~ by Genevieve Hathaway on August 19, 2010.

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