On a more personal note….I’m starting a women’s climbing and skiing magazine!

I know it’s been a little quiet on IceBella.  Since this is a personal blog, on a personal note I’ve had quite the fun, intense, exciting last few weeks that have kept me away from the computer.  Took a month in August to relax after packing in 3 major alpine climbs in July.  Then traveled to Burning Man for a week of Burning Man.  It’s tough to describe, something that really has to be experienced.  But for my attempt at explaining and recounting the incredibleness that is Burning Man check out my travel  blog, archaeoadventures.

In September, I am taking a trad climbing and self-rescue class with the Washington Alpine Club, moving into a friend’s condo, leaving my job and starting a women’s climbing and skiing magazine called Vertical Woman.  September is turning out to be one busy, life changing month.  But, all exciting changes.  I had my first weekend trad field trip this past weekend in Leavenworth.  We spent two days at Mountaineers Dome learning to place gear and building anchors, practicing multi-pitch trad climbing and leading trad climbs ourselves.  It was fun and packed with so much great instruction.  I was impressed how quickly my gear placement skills progressed over the course of the weekend.

On to one very exciting topic – I’m starting a women’s climbing and skiing magazine with my badass skiier gal pal and now business partner, Jessie Rowe!!! We are launching the magazine on Oct 1st with a big launch party down at the Outdoor Research store in SODO from 7pm-9pm.  If you live in Seattle stop on by.  We will have a raffle for cool gear, food and it’s a great way to learn more about the magazine.  Vertical Woman  is core-focused, publication dedicated to providing a true, genuine voice for the woman alpinist, climber, skier and mountaineer. This magazine is for her – to share her spirit, her passions, her inspirations, and her dreams and support her needs.

Here’s a little preview….


~ by Genevieve Hathaway on September 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “On a more personal note….I’m starting a women’s climbing and skiing magazine!”

  1. This is AWESOME!! My wife is so freaking stoked you are doing this!

    • Yeti! Thank you and your wife! So glad to hear she’s so excited about Vertical Woman. My co-editor Jessie and I are very, very excited about this magazine and it’s great to hear from others who are excited about it too. We know that there is a need for this kind of publication and a real void in the climbing and skiing world for women focused resources and publications. And who hope to bring a genuine voice to women’s climbing and skiing.

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