My Vertical Woman launch last night was a huge success!  Thank you to all who came to show your support and those who bought raffle tickets!

We are excited to announce that our first issue is live!  Check it out:

A big thank you to everyone who helped make this first issue and the launch party a success: Aili Farquhar, Ashlie Solow, Beth Morrison, Bram Whillock, Daniel Beck, David Egan, David Haavik, Dean Watt, Dyanna Culp, Eddie Espinosa, Jason Hummel, Jay Collingham, Jeff Greenwell, Jeremy Park, Juya Ghanie, Kate Neschke, Kate Rutherford, Kaj Bune, Kit DesLauriers, Kurt Watkins, Kyle Miller, Lauren O’Connell, Lisa Garcia, Liz Daley, Nicky Messner, Peter West Carey, Rob Evans, Russel Cunningham, and Sarah Amrhein.

Thanks also to the following companies for donating gear to the raffle or food and space for the launch:  Ibex, Gregory, Teko, PrAna, Feathered Friends, Petzl, Exped, Cascade Designs, GoGirl, Mountain House, Women’s Climbers Northwest, and Outdoor Research.


~ by Genevieve Hathaway on October 2, 2010.

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