Another great day on the Coleman


All smiles on the Coleman Glacier.


The ice is in (more like we’re finally going to the ice). The weather’s “good” for the Pacific Northwest. And I’m out climbing ice….or seracs to be more exact.  Oh yeah, Colorado, Canmore, Cody, Bozeman, you got nothing on us.  Sure you have big, bad, fat waterfalls that us Pacific Northwesterners can only dream of.  But, we have those beautiful things call seracs!  In August, September, October we can be out swinging tools and placing screws.  Sure we may come crawling over to your big waterfalls when it turns warm and wet mid February, killing our ice season, but right now we can play on ice when you’re still dreaming of it.

I’m so excited for the ice climbing season.  My day 2 on the Coleman went smashingly.  I picked up right where I left off end of last ice season, which is a great feeling.  I had been nervous, hoping I wouldn’t have to spend too much time working out the kinks.  But by weekend two I was climbing through those seracs unroped like a champ.  Bouldering up little vertical sections to get deeper in, downclimbing steep sections; most importantly feeling solid and confident the whole time.  Thanks to Dan for leading up some nice slightly overhung walls.  We climbed walls with that were 20-30 degrees overhung at the top and climbed in a fun ice chimney.

We laughed, we joked, we swung some tools and we finished a great day of climbing with a much needed stop at the Beer Shrine.  It’s located somewhere after Glacier but before Bellingham and this place has the best beer and pizza around.


Climbing around the Coleman glacier searching for a wall we liked.



Dan leading up a climb. The big ol' piece of glacier ice hanging precariously in the background Jeremy lovingly named the somewhat-Damocles. We were very happy it didn't come down and smush us.



Jeremy on the Coleman Glacier.



Yours truly stemming up a chimney



More chimney action. Jeremy cruising the chimney.



~ by Genevieve Hathaway on October 10, 2010.

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  1. Well congratulations Genevieve!

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