Ibex Sprint Longsleeve Shirt: A shirt that is both cute and adventure ready

Ibex Sprint. Photo courtesy of Ibex.

It’s cute, functional and tailored for women.  Enough said.  There’s no reason we can’t have all three and Ibex has done a great job nailing it with this longsleeve shirt.  The Ibex Sprint longsleeve shirt is a great piece for around town, running, traveling, and is even a great lightweight shirt for hiking. It did very nicely on my recent Ozette loop hike; keeping me warm when the breeze picked up but cool when the temps rose.  It’s made from soft, lightweight Merino wool.  On the right arm there’s a fun series of designs that transform this shirt from a simple standard long sleeve shirt to an outfit with pizazz. The shirt also sports finger holes in the sleeves, which are great for keeping the shirt from bunching when layering or sliding on a pack.  The cut is tailored so you won’t feel like it’s sagging off you or it’s too square.   The size small arm length and shoulder seam fit nicely my 5’5″ frame.  I recommend this shirt both for the cute designs on the sleeve adding a fun female feel to the shirt, but also the great cut and functionality.

Find out more about this shirt at Ibex: http://www.ibexwear.com/shop/product/1600/6425/womens-sprint-l/s

~ by Genevieve Hathaway on October 16, 2010.

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