Ibex Woolies Cami

Ibex Woolies Camisole. Photo courtesy of Ibex.

The Ibex Woolies Cami is a great layering piece. To tell the truth, before I met the Ibex Woolies I was not much of a tank girl in the outdoors. For glacier climbs, due to being oober fair skin, I wore lightweight, highly breathable longsleeve shirts. For rock climbs I sported longsleeve or short sleeves shirts to limit the amount of body parts I had to continually lather up with sunscreen. And for ice climbs I’m usually all bundled up. With the Ibex Woolies I started out wearing it on a few hikes, in case the weather became warm and I wanted to take off my longsleeve shirt. I was immediately struck by the great fit and softness of the Merino wool (an IceBella shout out to that soft as baby fur Ibex New Zealand Merino wool!).

Pretty soon, this little camisole started joining me on my last few ice climbs on the Coleman Glacier since it was so comfy and I wanted layering versatility. Basically something other than my midweight shirt to soak up the approach sweat. And to this camisole’s testament, I sweated and it said “Well fine, if you want to play that way” then proceed to dry so fast I never needed to change my midweight shirt once we reached the base of our ice climb. I was pleasantly surprised that it kept me dry and noticeably warmer because the wool material added insulation to my core. Before one could say shear-that-sheep-for-this-cami’s-wool, I was wearing the Woolies as a first baselayer on more and more climbs. It’s so soft, provides additional warmth to the core and it’s a cute top. As a small boned and small chested woman I love the thin straps, v-neck and form fitting cut. It’s very flattering. So now one could say I’m a camisole-as-a-first-layer kind of a girl, at least where my Woolies is concerned. The only difficulty with this piece is which color to chose when purchasing. From turquoise (an extra big yay for turquoise) to green to black, this top is one of those I’m sure I will own more than one of.

The Woolies Camisole is great for hiking, backpacking, travel, for post-climb cuteness, around the town, lounging at home, and as a first layer for winter sports.

For more info or to purchase this camisole check out Ibex’s website: http://www.ibexwear.com/shop/product/1770/7660/womens-woolies-camisole


~ by Genevieve Hathaway on October 18, 2010.

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