Ibex cute around-the-town-wear scarf from that gear company you know and love

Minky Ibex Scarf. Photo courtesy of Ibex.

Love Ibex’s cozy and warm climbing and skiing clothes? Who doesn’t!  Then you’ll join me in doing a happy dance at the fact that they also make cute clothes and accessories for around the town.  Same Ibex softness and warmth, just with that around the town flair.  As Fall arrived here in Seattle and the temperatures cooled, I pulled out my Minky Ibex scarf for my first chance to see if it would deliver the standard Ibex warmth.  It happily didn’t disappoint.   It’s warm, with large knit weave and soft feel.  I also love the variety of bright colors.  Why wear black, white and grey when the sky is already so bleak on those cloudy and rainy winter days?  Let’s bring in some color!  I knew it was a good sign for this scarf when the woman behind the counter of the little coffee shop I had hunkered down in  for the day fussed over how pretty lavender scarf wound around my neck was.  Yep, yours truly and the barista at Green Bean agree, that the Minky is one cute, warm scarf.



~ by Genevieve Hathaway on November 8, 2010.

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