Ibex Indie Hoodie

Ibex Indie Hoodie. Photo courtesy of Ibex.

Hooded baselayers seem to be the “thing” now a days. Every clothing company has at least 2 different kinds, many have way more than 2.  After reading Joe Newton’s review of Ibex’s Indie Hoodie  I had high expectations for this hooded base layer, and it happily delivered.  The Idex Indie Hoodie is a warm, efficient baselayer.  It’s the kind of baselayer you wear out on a cold day in the mountains and then come home and wish you had a second one to curl up in post-climb.  It has a looser fit which is perfect for layering over another lighter baselayer.  The comfy shirt is lighter and less bulky than fleece but quite warm.  So far it has performed well seracing on the Coleman Glacier on those days just belay freezing.  I’m excited to see how toasty warm it helps keep me if the temps drop way, way low (making the thermostat almost painful to look at) while I ice climb in Canmore in a few weeks.

The half zip is a great feature for venting when working up a sweat or zipped up for extra warmth when the wind picks up or the temperatures get colder.  At the end of the sleeves are thumb holes, great for keeping the sleeves from bunching.

One catch with hooded base layers is whether or not the hood is ACTUALLY functional.  Many hoodies that have so much promise fall short on a functional hood.  Not the Ibex Indie, it shines here.  The hood is constructed so that it fits well fully zipped up around the head.  It extends far enough to cover enough of the forehead, zips up to underneath the chip, but is flexible enough for full range of movement when in full hoodie mode.

All I can say to Ibex is – bring us more bright colors!  Otherwise, this is a bomber baselayer.

For more on the Ibex Indie Hoodie: http://www.ibexwear.com/shop/product/1360/2488/womens-hooded-indie


~ by Genevieve Hathaway on November 9, 2010.

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