What does an addicted-to-ice girl do when it rains cats and dogs outside? Have a badass wet-tooling day!

Drytooling in Washington State very quckly turns to Wet-tooling. Photo belongs to Genevieve Hathaway.

You have all heard me drop the phrases drytooling, wet-tooling, drytooling-is-the-most-fun-one-can-have-in-the-rain, but all those who aren’t avid mixed and ice climbers and don’t know what the above are I’m sure you are very confused as to what all the fuss and excitement is about.  Drytooling is climbing rock with ice tools and crampons.  It’s great training for mixed climbing since mixed involves climbing on both ice and rock with ice tools and crampons.  Also, drytooling has recently broken out as it’s own type of climbing, both outdoors but even more notably indoors.  The World’s First Indoor Dry Tooling Competition was held in Glasgow, Scotland in 2003.  Here in Seattle we drytool while waiting for the ice to form, which usually turns into wet-tooling since October and November can be pretty rainy months (and if it’s sunny we’re out seracing on the Coleman Glacier).  So drytooling becomes wet-tooling.  It’s the most fun one can have in the rain!

~ by Genevieve Hathaway on November 16, 2010.

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