Teko Evolution Merino Midweight Hiking Sock

Teko Evolution Merino Midweight Hiking Sock. Photo courtesy of Teko.

A good hiking sock will keep your feet warm, dry, reduce friction between your foot and the boot, and be comfy (no itchy, scratchy material need apply).  Feet sweat a lot as evidence by their 250,000 sweat glands for both feet combined! (That’s your fun cocktail party fact for the day.) So, it’s important to have good hiking socks which allow excess heat to escape your foot and move the moisture away from to the outer layer of the sock.  Whether mountaineering, hiking, ice climbing or backpacking, warmth is also an issue, especially for those of us who have cold feet or poor circulation.  And to top it all off, no itchy material.  Feet take a pounding on the trails and in the mountains, so give them some love with soft, comfy fabrics.

Enter the Teko Evolution Merino Midweight Hiking Sock.  In addition to keeping my feet warm, dry and comfy; it also has a seamless toe.  These socks have performed well on a sopping wet hike of the Ozette Trail in the Washington coast AND ice climbing on the Coleman Glacier.  Two very different activities, yet with the same result – happy feet.  The Evolution Merino Midweight Hiking Sock has a nice about of cushion in the heel and toe to provide support for those areas of the foot which take a pounding, yet not too much to make it uncomfortable to put your boot on.

Bottom line: These are great socks which nail the 3 things I demand in footwear – dry, warm, comfy.

For more information on the Teko Evolution Midweight Hiking sock check out Teko’s site: http://www.tekosocks.com/tekomerino-women-s-midweight-hiking.html

~ by Genevieve Hathaway on November 20, 2010.

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