Ibex Balance Bralette: goodbye chunky and unflattering; hello feminine and cute fit

Ibex Balance Bralette. Photo courtesy of Ibex.

Ibex Balance Bralette offers enough support for us smaller gals (A/B), while still looking cute with a flattering fit and smaller straps.  I love that this bra has a feminine flattering cut while doing a great job of letting heat escape, wicking moisture away from the skin, and remaining odor free.  Ibex has put quality and detail into this bra.  The metal strap buckles and hooks look great and, more importantly,  are more durable than it’s plastic counter parts.  The runching on the front and the swooping neck line gives the bra a very cute fit, even for us gals who have small chests.  The straps are adjustable, letting one either set them on the side or have them cross in back.  The merino wool/spandex/nylon blend gives both stretch while wicking any sweat away from your skin so as you sweat, whether on a hard approach or skinning up a hill or swinging tools o a tough ice route, you remain dry.   Very excited to be able to say goodbye to the days of sweaty, stinky bras with the new Balance Bralette.  As far as stinkage, if you never wash it, yes at some point it will smell.  But if you wash it on a relatively regular basis it will remain odor free.  This bra runs small, so be prepared you may need to order a size up from what you normally wear in other brands.  This is great for us small gals, since often I’m too tiny for the smallest bra size.  As a 32 B I fit perfectly into the small.

For more on this awesome bra check out Ibex’s site: http://www.ibexwear.com/shop/product/2086/2626/womens-balance-bralette


~ by Genevieve Hathaway on November 21, 2010.

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