Teko Summit UniSex Heavyweight Trekking Sock

Teko Unisex Heaveyweight Trekking Sock. Photo courtesy of Teko.

I require my mountaineering and ice climbing socks to be warm.  I run cold and have poor circulation, a combo that requires me to always wear warm boots and warm socks.  Feet are particularly hard because if your feet get cold you can’t easily throw on another layer.  Teko Summit UniSex Heavyweight Trekking Sock is a warm sock built for those cold mountain conditions.  I loved this sock’s slim cut, it isn’t excessively thick and bulky, and how warm and dry it kept my feet while ice climbing.  It’s quality fabric gets the job done.  I have a narrow foot and so I was pleasantly surprised that the UniSex sock fit well.  There was no bunching or slippage.  This sock also moves any moisture away from my foot, which helps keep my foot dry and blister free. Overall, a warm, comfy sock for cold weather climbs.

For more details see Teko’s site: http://www.tekosocks.com/summit-series-trekking.html


~ by Genevieve Hathaway on November 21, 2010.

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