Genevieve’s top 10 things to keep you warm and happy when Snowpacolypse hits

Snowy Seattle day. Photo by Genevieve Hathaway.

Snowpacolypse 2010 has struck.  Father Winter has accidentally mailed the ice and snow to Seattle.  So Ouray I’m forwarding it on to you. I don’t know about the rest of you Seattlites, but I’m having flash backs to 2008 when I couldn’t leave my house for 4 days straight, gas stations were running out of gas, grocery stores where running out of food and angry mobs with pitch forks were marching through the streets calling for the mayors blood.  Well….all but the last actually happened.  I’m about get all bundled up to brave the frigid temps, so for all you Northwesterners out there who are also trying to stay warm when heading outside but also stay sane if stuck inside, here’s my 10 things to keep you warm and happy during a Snowpacolypse.

1) Down!  Down is your friend.  Down is made for frigidly cold temps.  So when it’s bitterly cold outside, throw on that big down puffy (in addition to other warm layers) and you’ll be good to go. Note that down does not keep you warm when it gets wet, so if it’s snowing big, wet snowflakes throw on a gortex shell over your down.

2) Wool!  Wool is awesome.  It rocks at keeping you warm and dry.  If you are hiking up that hill to work or to go sledding (hopefully the later), and you start to sweat a little, wool both let’s the heat evaporate off of the skin but also moves any moisture to the outerlayer of the fabric so that you regulate your temperature better and remain dry.  Plus, have I mentioned how warm it is.

3) Chocolate.  Don’t ever forget the chocolate.  Chocolate makes the world go round and makes everything better.  Took you 6 hours to get home from work because the streets were redefining the term stand still? Hope you have one awesome chocolate bar waiting for you!  Chocolate can come in so many forms to keep you smiling and warm you up – hot coco, hot coco + cognac, s’mores (no fireplace? use the microwave or oven).

4) Egyptian Licorice Mint Tea.  It’s divine!

5) A good pair of insulated, Gortex boots.  You’ll thank me on hour two of your neighborhood all-out-war snowball fight. It’ll keep your feet warm and dry.

6) If your fingers get cold like mine do, you’ll want a burly pair of mitts to keep your digits toasty warm even if the temps drop to -30.  My favorite are the Outdoor Research Alti Mits.

Sunset at Greenlake. You can see the top of Mt. Rainier peaking over the hill in off in the distance. Photo by Genevieve Hathaway.

Yeah sure, they’re designed for the oober  cold temps of Everest, but that’s what I want, a mitt that gets the job done and keeps my hands warm.  These babies will never let you down.

7) A great book to snuggle up with by the fire (insert imaginary fire if you don’t have one) as the snow gently falls outside.  If you can’t drive very far, you might as well enjoy yourself.

8) AT skis.  Too much snow to get to the mountains? Don’t want to risk all those people who can’t drive playing bumper cars with your car? Whip out your AT set up and skin around.  It’s the only way to travel.

9) Hot tub.  Hot tubs were made for snow.  Have a hot tub, use that sucker.  Don’t have a hot tub?  Use a friends.

10) Snowball fights!  Now that you’re all warm and dry with your down, Gore-tex, and wool, might as well call all your friends and have an all-out-war snowball fight with your whole neighborhood.  Just because it’s snowpacolypse doesn’t mean we have to be unhappy.  Enjoy the snow!!

11) Because 10 is not enough.  Sharpen those ice tools.  Wax those skis.  Winter is here and the ice is in and the mountains are ready to be carved.

Oh, and don’t forget the gummy bears.  Lots and lots of gummy bears!

So there are Genevieve’s few words of wisdom. When the snow’s come, keep a sense of humor about it all.  Laugh with family and friends. Admire how pretty Seattle, or wherever you live, is when it’s a winter wonderland.  It doesn’t happen that often so take pictures, enjoy the few days and know that life will resume before you know it (hopefully before you and the grocery stores run out of food).

How will you enjoy Snowpacolypse 2010?

~ by Genevieve Hathaway on November 23, 2010.

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