Gregory Maya Pack

Gregory Maya. Photo courtesy of Gregory.

The Gregory Maya pack is a slick little pack whether your adventures take you on a day hike, trail run or on a day around Kathmandu.  It’s just the right size to fit all your needs – some water, a heavy fleece or light jacket, travel or trail book, camera, some snacks or lunch, and other odds and ends.  The hip belt, shoulder straps and back region are nicely padded, making this a comfortable pack to wear.  The Maya is also a pocket lovers feast!  There are side pockets, front pockets, top pockets, hip belt pockets, two large sections each with even more pockets.  Whether using this pack on a day hike, trail run or a pack for traveling, the Maya is a breeze to both store everything one needs and keep it organized, accessible and easy to find. To carry more items, the front pouch has a zipper on each side for expansion and the compression straps expand.  And for trail running, you can zip it up, and ratchet down the compression straps for quite a snug, small pack.  The Maya also sports a zipper to give quick easy access for filling up one’s bladder.  Overall, this one great little pack.

BEST FEATURE: Great organization features to easy access to all your items.

BEST USE: Day hikes, Trail Running, Traveling, Around Town, Day Travel Pack

To learn more or purchase this pack click on the link:

Gregory Maya Pack – Women’s

~ by Genevieve Hathaway on November 23, 2010.

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