Gregory Alpinisto 35 Pack: A technical smorgasbord

Gregory Pack in action. Photo copyright Peter West Carey.

Looking for a great technical pack for ice climbing or alpine climb?  The Gregory Alpinisto 35 is a techincal smorgasbord that may just have everything you’re looking for.

If I had to boil the Gregory Alpinisto 35 pack down to one word it would be Multi-Faceted.  It is a technical smorgasbord, a feast of small details that add up to one smart pack. First order of business upon receiving this pack was to take it seracing on the Coleman Glacier.  It performed smashingly, and proceeded to shine on rock and ice climbs.  It’s easy to pack, carries weight well, has just what one needs but nothing extra (for those climbers who are all about shaving ounces), and attachment points for ice tools and crampons.  The Alpinisto is a serious pack that means business.

Check out the rest of my review on Vertical Woman.


~ by Genevieve Hathaway on December 8, 2010.

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