Help out a great cause, win cool stuff and see a cool glacier documentary

My friend Corey has created a cool new documentary on the North Cascade Glaciers. Watching the trailer, I had chills down my spine at watching the beautiful the video footage Corey captured.

For twenty-seven years, our subject, Mauri Pelto, has hiked high into the mountains to measure the health of the glaciers and forecast their future.  He has watched many of the glaciers recede rapidly, while some have disappeared altogether.  Mauri’s experiences demonstrate drastic changes in the North Cascades, and paint a picture of the glaciers as moving, changing things with their own characteristics and challenges.  Over the years Mauri’s troupe of researchers has varied with more than 50 people having assisted him over the years.  They monitor more glaciers than any other program in North America and recently his son and Daughter have joined in with the other research assistant. Utilizing new, smaller high-definition video technology, we were able to capture the North Cascades with intimate detail and create striking images of places few are able to go.  The film could not have been made in this way three years ago.

We have all heard of shrinking glaciers and rising temperatures, but these stories are often about far away places.  For some, these facts and statistics are difficult to relate to.  The glaciers of the North Cascades, located in America’s own backyard, directly affect the people of the Pacific Northwest.  Apple farmers need glacier melt for late summer irrigation, city dwellers count on glaciers for much of their water supply, and salmon rely on glacier water to keep rivers flowing.  This is a story that matters.  As these glaciers continue to recede and disappear, the film will serve to document their beauty and loss.  By following Mauri Pelto, a man who has dedicated 30 years of his life, to intimately studying these glaciers, the film tells a human story that anyone can relate to.

For those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest, we see these mountains every day, every week, every month.  Whether looking out our windows, driving south with Mt. Rainier looming huge in front of us, skiing in the North Cascades, climbing a mountain like Mt. Shuksan or the always famous Mt. Rainier, or hiking or biking or trail running in the beautiful outdoors we have here.  For those who have spent time upclose to a glacier, you’ve seen the scars on the rocks from where they are receding.   This documentary not only captures the incredible beauty of the glaciers, but also helps document and bring the magnitude of their health into our living rooms.

As with any grass roots local company and crew, every small bit of funding, assistance and simply spreading the word has a tremendous positive impact.  So, check out their website here to see a trailer and learn more on how you can help with donations or spreading the word.  And, because they are such an awesome group, they’re offering cool gifts for different donations ranges, including a 3 Day Glacier Field Trip for those who donate above a certain amount.

Click on through to help out a great cause!

~ by Genevieve Hathaway on December 15, 2010.

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