Black Diamond Innova 60 pack

I put the Black Diamond Innova 60 pack through it’s paces before writing this review for my woman’s alpinism magazine, Vertical Woman. I tested it bushwhacking in brush so thick I

Black Diamond Innova 60 pack. Photo courtesy of Black Diamond.

was practically swimming through it, hauling myself over downed trees as tall as I was and loaded the Innova 60 with 55lbs of weight and hiking for hours and hours.  I took it on knarly veggie belays approaching Boston Basin, scrambled up the chossy mess that is Little Tahoma with the Innova 60 on my back, and used this pack on my climb of the Kautz route on Mt. Rainier.

Here’s the intro to the review:

The Black Diamond Innova 60 is a one comfy women’s pack.  For someone with a short, narrow to average torso, it carries like a dream.

A few gear companies have started to roll out packs that move with the climber.  Black Diamond is one of those companies and the Innova is part of their new line.  The new Black Diamond ergoACTIV suspension is designed for increased comfort, fit and movement.  Yes, that’s right, this pack moves with you.  The ergoACTIV allows for movement in all directions.  Both the shoulder suspension and the waist suspension systems move with your body’s movement.  It moves in the same pattern and direction as your frame.  And this reviewer loved that feature!  Many women, like myself, roll their hips when they walk; a result of wearing high heels for so many years.  Thus a pack that moves with our rolling hips, as the ergoACTIV suspension does, generally is more comfortable than a static pack.

For the rest of the review go here.

~ by Genevieve Hathaway on December 22, 2010.

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