Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays all! Hope it was filled with family, friends, lots of yummy food, happiness and laughter. And little nuggets of joy, whatever form they may take (for this bloggista it’s sprinkles and snow).

Mine was particularly specially because I got to spend another year with my little dog who is getting on in age. She’s 15 which is something like 106 in dog years. As we end one year and begin the next I like to take stock of my life, see if I am where I want to be, if I’m moving toward my goals and dreams, and more importantly, be thankful for all the wonderful people and experiences in my life. Who knows if this is the only life we get to live. But, we’re here, now. So might as well make this one the best.

It was a stellar year to say the least. Kicked it off right with a huge party surrounded by all my closet friend, except my twin, who was still there stride for stride with me via the cell phone. Then came a flurry of climbs of over the next 8 months – ice climbing in Banff, ice climbing in Leavenworth, ice climbing in Ouray, more rock trips than I can remember, City of Rocks, Forbidden, Little Tahoma, Mt. Rainier via the Kautz, a trad and self-rescue class. I balanced out all the climbing with fun trips and events with friends including one amazing birthday done pin-stripe 20s mobster style, spending the full week at Burning Man and a very relaxing week at the Ashland Oregon Shakespeare Festival with my family. This Fall the whirlwind has continued – I quit my job and launched a woman’s alpinism magazine (Vertical Woman), ice climbed on the Coleman Glacier a bunch, traveled to Canmore to ice climb some great routes including This House of Sky, moved out from my apartment and in with a friend to save rent then this week storing all my stuff at my parent’s place. 2011 is going to be kicked off with a running start – Ouray for the Ice Fest (can we say Disneyland for Ice Climbers), ice climbing in Colorado, the Outdoor Retailer show, ice climbing and visiting ancient sites in South Korea, Angkor Wat and traveling with great friends in Cambodia. And that’s just January and February! Stay tuned at ArchaeoAdventures and IceBella for all my adventures, stories and travel tidbits.

I’m moving toward a life filled with archaeology, travel, climbing and sharing both this talent and love with the world. More importantly, I’m surrounded by incredible people – family and friends. And my little dog keeps truckin’ on strong. So here’s to another great year with those I love.

Here’s a toast to all of those who make life so special, who touch our lives even in the smallest of ways and who love us both on our good days and our bad. And to another year filled with many adventures and incredible experiences.


~ by Genevieve Hathaway on December 27, 2010.

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