Crampon Guide: From Aluminum Crampon to Fruit Boots, Choosing the Right Crampon for You

I decided it was about time there was a guide out there that covered everything one needed to know about crampons. From, the strange fruit boots, to aluminum crampons to steel and stainless steel, this guide explains the differences, similarities and what to consider when choosing a crampon. In this article, I delve into crampon material, frames, attachment/bindings (strap-on, hybrid, step-in, bolt-on), Points, Dual v. Mono, Anti-Balling Systems and give a Quick Reference Guide.

Crampons are a key piece of gear for climbing snow slopes, crossing glaciers, climbing frozen waterfalls, and even climbing rock faces with small cascading sections of ice smeared on the rock or hanging down as pillars.

There are a number of important questions to consider when selecting a crampon. What will you be using them for? Do you want dual or mono points? What kind of boots do you have? What kind of attachment system works best for you and your boots? Do you want replaceable front points? Do you want mountaineering or vertical ice crampons? Do you want horizontal or vertical front points?

Crampons have changed a lot over the years, becoming lighter and more specialized as the technology evolved. Now many climbers can have a crampon collection like avid golfer has golf clubs, they pull out that crampon for whatever the climb and conditions call for. There still exist plenty of all purpose crampons, but in the age of “only bring the ounces you absolutely need” climbers are turning to having a whole collection of crampons.

To read the rest of the article on Vertical Woman, click here.


~ by Genevieve Hathaway on January 5, 2011.

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