A great little reminder that life is amazing

I like to keep this blog climbing focused, but today a quote struck a note in me and I thought I’d share it here. I follow a great little blog called Daily Pep Talk from a Best Friend. These are the peptalks that at some point in our lives we all need. Today’s peptalk went as follows.

You have so much to look forward to.

Pep Talk: Your life is an exciting series of moments, each unique. Every one of them has the potential to bring you joy. As you savor the present, remember, this is just the beginning.

Today remind yourself: I have so much to look forward to.

I’ve had so many exciting changes in my life over the last 4 months, and so many to come over this coming year. I quite my job, launched a woman’s alpinism magazine, climbed amazing ice in Canmore, had so many great events and parties with close friends over the Christmas season, just had a kickass time at the Ouray Ice Fest, made so many great new Outdoor Industry friends at the Fest, am enjoying a week of climbing with amazing women ice climbers who are even more amazing people (especially Margo Talbot). Next up is the Outdoor Retailer show, ice climbing and traveling in South Korea, seeing great friends and traveling way off the beaten path in Cambodia, a few relaxing days in Ashland, Oregon, visiting one of my best friends in Portugal, and seeing another incredible friend in Spain and instructing in the Washington Alpine Club’s Basic Climbing Class and Intermediate Climbing Class. Whew. And that’s just the beginning of the year!!! Hopefully, this year will also see my magazine growing even more, establishing myself as a freelance writer and adventurer, raising enough money to film a documentary in January 2012 on ice climbing in Thame Valley, Nepal and bringing sturdy shoes and warm clothes to the village of Thame, and establishing a plan to get my Masters in Human Osteoarchaeology and Egyptology.

That’s a long list of incredible moments. But inbetween those moments are also difficult times and decisions, pressure to start a company, choosing instability over a 9-5 job and the white picket fence, stress – lots and lots of stress, so much uncertainty about where I’m going in life and how I will pay the bills, no real place to feel grounded and many people in my life leaving because they can not follow where I’m going. It isn’t easy to get paid to live an exciting life, yet it is possible if one refuses to give up when those around you say it isn’t possible. [If you’re reading this and you would like to help me live the dream see my contact page.]

This quote says to me – don’t get bogged down by all the difficulties of change and trying to build a life of meaning, remember that change brings progress. Focus on the exciting, the unique, and focus on where I’m moving to with intent even if the how is not clear.


~ by Genevieve Hathaway on January 11, 2011.

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