Off Topic: Radiation is being carried from Japan to the West Coast of the US on the Jet Stream. What can we do?

As the nuclear reactor partial meltdown continues in Japan and we move dangerously close to a full meltdown, the Japanese are trying a few desperate measures, such as dumping water from helicopters on to nuclear reactors, to stave off an even bigger disaster.  The world watches with held breath.  And no more so than here on the West Coast of the United States.  Numerous d-day for radiation figures have been floating around.  Some scientists predict that in the case of a full nuclear meltdown it would take 10 days for the radiation, traveling on the jet streams, for 750 rads to reach the west coast of North America.  How much radiation we’re hit with also depends on the winds and how the reactors melt down.  But, what can be said is that the radiation has already arrived and being reported in LA and probably soon Seattle, if they’re even testing here.

The media for the most part has played down the seriousness of the situation.  Calling on doctors, and nuclear scientists and experts to confirm that if you ain’t glowin’ green then it’s really not that serious of a matter.  They claim the radiation levels won’t be high enough to raise any concern.  That goes right along with the theory that eating some level of toxic material, if it isn’t enough to put you in the hospital right on the spot, then it’s not really THAT harmful for you.  Never mind the fact that it’s toxic, or radiation or poisonous.  We’ve become a society where ingesting harmful chemicals is normalized, and that’s scary.

We poison our bodies on a daily basis, accepting that some level of harmful chemicals isn’t really that harmful.  And we wonder why we’re stressed, feel sick, feel off balance, feel run down, or worse – why cancer, tumors and other serious diseases is on the rise.  You are what you eat and you are your environment.  It’s sad, today, how many Americans put premium gas in their cars but feed themselves from grocery outlet or a box meal.  Does it bother you when you can’t pronounce or have no clue what two thirds of the ingredients list on your “food” is?

So the short of it is, even “some” radiation is bad for us and we should be concerned, both about the short terms effects but also about the long term increased risk of cancer.  I’ve been thinking a lot about what I can do to make my health better in the face of the radiation that’s now in my environment.  And there are steps we can take.  I wanted to share this, so those of you reading who put your health as a top priority and are concerned about being exposed to radiation can also benefit from this knowledge.  Here are a few recommendations I have gathered:

I think that antioxidants are the most important thing you can do, in addition to some sources of iodine. I suggest Co Q 10 or ubiquinol, or other high-potency ones. A big issue with radiation are the free radicals. I suggest keeping up with your reading and being mindful of the source.

Okay so — as far as I can figure, the key is going to be antioxidants. You have to do total system support under this kind of situation. Good antioxidants, in addition to concentrated fruit sources (currant juice, etc) are uniquinol or CoE…nzyme Q 10; melatonin; esther C and so on. One of the issues with radiation is free radicals. If you do kelp — a great food — it has to be super duper pulverized, get the finest grain that you can. Mainly though it helps to keep your magnetic field as clear as possible. I would recommend as many of those high focus all the way in blotto orgasms as possible to keep your energy field clear and in balance. you probably won’t read anyone else saying that.

From Eric Francis, Investigative Journalist and Editor of Planet Waves


In addition to dietary things I’d highly recommend some kind of movement that cultivates qi sensitivity. Yoga, qigong, internal martial arts, other styles I don’t know as well help move stuff through your system to break up qi blockages and prevent harmful materials from gathering in tissues that don’t get proper movement. A Tai Ji form for example or a sequence of Yoga postures moves you through various combinations of pressure and release so that all your parts receive more circulation of blood, lymph and qi. Also in particular Bagua circle walking is a powerful immune enhancer because of the way your pelvis basically opens and closes as you take each step, and then change directions so both legs experience being the inside leg and the outside. Your biggest lymph nodes are right there in the inguinal crease so the relaxed but firmly rooted motion of walking the circle stimulates them and helps keep them clean.

In addition to movement, sitting and breathing with mindfulness of posture and a lengthening and deepening of the breath can increase your internal awareness while the deepening movement of the diaphragm helps move stuff through your internal organs instead of collecting in them because of shallow breathing. The diaphragm isn’t only for breathing, it’s part of the system that gently squeezes all your soft inner parts to aid circulation of blood and qi.

From a long time practicing martial artist and qigong/yoga practitioner.

I will add more suggestions as I find them.


~ by Genevieve Hathaway on March 19, 2011.

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