Welcome to Alpine Athena, a woman’s climbing magazine

I’m sad to announce that I’m going my separate way from Vertical Woman.  It was a short lived, yet enjoyable partnership.  I wish those at Vertical Woman nothing but the best, and much success.  Much of the climbing content you saw on Vertical Woman is coming with me as the back issues of my new women’s climbing magazine, Alpine Athena.

Alpine Athena is a core-focused woman’s alpinism magazine dedicated to the woman climber, alpinist and mountaineer.  The publication strives to be the leading voice for the woman climber, whether she’s an alpinist, boulderer, rock climber, ice climber, or mountaineer.  To tell the story of her dreams, passions, goals and accomplishments, whether they be for a peak in a foreign land or a boulder project at her home gym.  To address her unique needs in this time of quickly evolving gear and skill sets. To be a resource to help her raise her climbing to the next level. And to be a community; a focal point for female climbers to gather around and connect.  Alpine Athena, as it’s namesake implies, honors the inner warrior in every woman of the mountain, peak and crag.  Her weapons may vary, but her strong, powerful spirit is the same.  Whether she dawns pair of rock shoes, mountaineering boots, or ice climbing boots; her beauty shines through her strength, determination, and wisdom.  It is a free monthly online publication, with weekly Friday gear reviews adding to the extensive and rich content of each issue.

I’m excited to be launching with a very meaty Issue 3 that is filled with new content.  So if you were an avid follower of Vertical Woman, there’s a long new issue filled with all brand new material for your reading enjoyment.

Issue 3 is filled with many not-to-be-missed articles.  We are very proud to headline this issue with a our Feature article Bi-Polar Odyssey, a moving and compelling article by Margo Talbot, taking the reader on her journey of self-discovery, healing and leading the hardest ice of her life.  Get to know top guide, athlete and lady of adventure Caroline George in her interview. There’s a Gear Care Guide to help our readers keep their manky gear clean, in good condition and in its top-performance condition.  All those articles are just the tip of the ice berg.  Issue 3 is filled with many other articles that will keep you up-to-date with important climbing events, reviews on the latest gear, information on upcoming books and helpful resources.

~ by Genevieve Hathaway on April 2, 2011.

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