Isssue 4 is launched!

Exciting news!  Issue 4 of Alpine Athena is up!

Karen amid the boulders at the base of Cho Oyu, 1996. Photo Marg Saul

We’re kicking off June with a brand new issue of Alpine Athena, Issue 4. There’s wonderful tribute to one of the pioneers of women’s climbing Karen McNeill, who at the end of May, 5 years ago never made it home for Mt. Foraker. Read on about this amazing woman in Curly Abroad. There’s also a inspirational profile Dara Miles wrote on Guide Emile Drinkwater and an interesting interview we at Alpine Athena conducted with Sterling Rope owner Carolyn Brodsky. Also to round out the issue, there’s a few gear reviews on some great Black Diamond, Deuter and First Ascent gear. And we’re excited to annouce that the release of Margo Talbot’s new book All That Glitters, hitting the shelves June 6th. Look for our review of this book in the July 1st Issue of Alpine Athena.


~ by Genevieve Hathaway on June 10, 2011.

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