About this Climbingista

IceBella is a platform to share my journey and growth as a climber, beta from my climbs with fellow climbers, good resources related to climbing and my thoughts on gear since you can’t beat a great piece of gear.

Ice climbing on the Coleman Glacier, Mt. Baker. Photo copyright Peter West Carey.

I’m an adventurous spirit with a love for playing hard in the great outdoors.  This blog is a window into my adventures, experiences, stories, trip reports, and thoughts on gear.

It all started back when I was less than knee high and my parents decided that my 3 year-old self was ready to ski (really just scooting along on the snow in skis that were so short they barely resemble the twin carbon fiber and plastic I now use to carve up the slopes). So many years later I still get my turns in, this time on moguls and steep and deep in the front country.  After skiing for many years, I added scrambling to my repertoire, and then mountaineering and before long I was officially seriously  into all sorts of outdoor sports and the gear that went along with them – mountaineering, rock climbing, ice climbing, mixed climbing, backcountry skiing, ski mountaineering.  I fell in love with the challenge that many of these sports offered, the adventure, the beautiful landscapes I get to explore, and, most importantly, the people I share these experiences with.

Recently, it’s been all about ice for me.  I heard it’s siren call in the Fall of 2009, and I’ve been hooked ever since.  I dream of it, train for it,

Busted it up Observation Rock.

climb it, travel to it (the latest overseas adventure was South Korea) and acquire all the latest gear for it.  I love ice climbing, whether it’s up a frozen waterfall or deep in a serac field on Mt. Baker.  There’s something about the inherent beauty, unpredictability, and uniqueness of climbing ice that captivates me.

In September 2010, I left my 9 to 5 job to co-found a woman’s alpinism magazine, Vertical Woman.  That venture lasted six months.  In March 2011, I stepped out on my own to found the core-focused woman’s climbing magazine, Alpine Athena.  It’s a monthly publication that strives to be the leading voice in the outdoor community for the female climber, whether her medium is ice, rock or snow.

IceBella is a little nook on the internet where I can share all things in my life that involve ice, rock and snow.  I can share my journey as a climber and someone forging new territory in the climbing world, albeit it being in the form of the written word.

Feel free to leave me any feedback, comments, suggestions, or just say hi on this blog or via e-mail at genevieve.hathaway@gmail.com.

Keep those adventurous and creative fires burning bright!

Genevieve Hathaway


2 Responses to “About this Climbingista”

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  2. Having grown up in new england where summertime climbing always involved bugs. Nasty biting flying bugs. I hate bugs so I found the real advantage of ice climbing was no bugs…I was hooked. Just found your site. Will be reading alot today. Thanks

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