Ice Climbing Trip Reports


Umptanum Falls (WI2, 30 ft) and Austin Eats It (WI3, 30 ft). Ellensburg, WA. 12/29/10.

Stellar Falls. WI2-3. Alpental, Washington. 12/11/10.

Grotto Falls. WI3, 55m. Canmore, Canada. 11/27/10/

King's Creek. WI3. Canmore, Canada. 11/27/10.

This House of Sky. WI2-5, 500m. The Ghost, Canmore, Canada. 11/27/10.

Canmore Ice Climbing Weekend Intro. Canmore, Canada. 11/27/2010.

Drytooling in Washington State very quckly turns to Wet-tooling. How we train when there isn't any ice. 11/08/2010

Another great day on the Coleman Glacier climbing seracs. Coleman Glacier, Mt. Baker. 10/03/2010

First ice climbing of the season. Climbing seracs on the Coleman Glacier. 09/28/2010.

Ice Climbing in Banff and Canmore. The Junkyard, Haffner, Knucklebashers Ice Festival. 02/6/10

Ice Climbing in Ouray, Colorado at the Ouray Ice Park - South Park, New Funtier, The Alcove. 02/28/10

Left Hubba Hubba (WI3R). Leavenworth. 2 pitches. 01/10/2010

ProGuide Ice Climbing and Mixed Climbing Class with Marten Volken. Stellar Falls, Alpental. 01/08/2010


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